Commercial Driver's License
Training and Testing

The CDL is an important license to have when becoming a member for Local 953. Some employers require their employees to have a current CDL. If you are interested in getting your Commercial Learners Permit, please read the information below to see if you qualify to obtain a CDL through our training program. 


  • Must be a member of the IUOE Local 953.

  • Must be a member in good standing with Local 953.

  • Must be working for a Union Employer for more than 90-days.

  • Must work for an employer who sends contributions to the Apprenticeship on your behalf. 

  • Must be able to obtain a DOT physical

  • Must be able to obtain a Commercial Learners Permit through the MVD

  • For Apprentices, you will be required to get your CDL in year two of your Apprenticeship. Excludes Stationary Apprentices. 

CDL/ CLP Information

  • At this time there is not set schedule for CDL Training/Testing. 

  • To begin training you must have your DOT Physical and CLP. Then you will need to call and set up a schedule between you and the instructor.  

  • The time it takes to obtain a  CDL is dependent on your learning capabilities and how much time you can devote to the training. 

  • FMCSA is rolling out a new requirement on February 7th, 2022. Individuals who want to obtain a CDL must go through theory before obtaining a CLP (Commercial Learners Permit). There will be actual bookwork, tests, and instruction we must track before the permit is obtained. Once the theory is completed, you will get your CLP and will be able to start BTW Training (Behind-the-Wheel Training. You as the trainee will be registered on the TPR site once training is initiated. Every training day you attend your record must be updated every 48 hours by our Office staff. The MVD will have access to the Training Provider Registry to prove you had the theory before trying to obtain a CLP. In other words, getting your CDL will take much more time than it has in the past. 

Please Contact our Office to Schedule your CDL Training and Testing: