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Commercial Driver's License
Training and Testing

The CDL is an important license to have when becoming a member for Local 953. Some employers require their employees to have a current CDL. This training is free of cost to our members. We do not train or test the public.


  • Must be a member of the IUOE Local 953.

  • Must be a member in good standing with Local 953.

  • Must be working for a Union Employer for more than 90-days.

  • Must work for an employer who sends contributions to the Apprenticeship on your behalf. 

  • Must be able to obtain a DOT physical

  • Must have a computer to complete the online training. If not, arraignments can be made for you to complete the course at the training site. 

  • Must pass ELDT Course with an 80% or higher

  • Training will be during the week. If there is more than one instructor, there could be training on Saturday's.

  • For Apprentices, you will be required to get your CDL in year two of your Apprenticeship. Excludes Stationary Apprentices. 

CDL/ CLP Information

Please Contact our Office to Register for CDL Training and Testing:


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