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Veterans and Apprenticeship

Our program is  certified to process VA GI Bill, Vocational Rehab, and more chapters for training completed here at the training site. We also have our information with Helmets to Hardhats. Our Veterans who come from Helmets to Hardhats, are considered Direct Entries. This means you skip the normal application process, and accepted to the apprenticeship without waiting for each acceptance period to start. Please read below for more information regarding military personal in our program. 

Our program wants to thank everyone who has served or have served this country and know the sacrifices you make to keep us safe an protect our freedom. 


Kristen Spath and Veronica Buenrostro have completed the training to certify hours for our Apprentices to receive benefits. Kristen started the process in hopes to get more Active Military and Veterans in our program to help them transition after retiring from the military. Or, help active duty personnel have a second source of income for coming to training and working for a Union Employer. We are currently working on our partnership with Helmets to Hard Hats. Our information has been updated on their site, so if you are transitioning from Helmets to Hard Hats, let us know! 

Again thank you for your service. We look forward to working with you!

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