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Orientation is only once a year. 

Please call or email for an Application.

Phone: 505-877-5071



We are currently accepting Applications. However, apprentices will not get their invitation to orientation to begin the process of acceptance until the beginning of each year.


The orientation will be for 1 hour. 

Orientation will entail a lot of information about our training program. This will help you, as an applicant, determine if this is a commitment you are willing to make. 



The Application Process

  1. Submit Application

  2. Attend Orientation- this only happens once a year. If you have sent in an application, please call to make sure the office staff has received the application. It is important to put your mailing address. If you have an address change please notify our staff. 

  3. Interview-Our Board Members will ask you questions and give you a score.

  4. Ranking list- Once all interviews are completed, scores will put you on a ranking list.

  5. From there the 1st five will be accepted immediately. The others will be put on a waiting list until the first five are sent for employment. 

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