Safety Incentive Information

New 2020 Safety Incentive Information

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Safety Incentive 2020

Ended November 16th, 2020


Some important information for September 1, 2019- October 31st, 2020, Safety Incentive:

  • The plan now requires all Journeyman (not Apprentices) 8 hours of skills upgrade training per year. Examples of the upgrade training are scaffolding, fall protection, using a forklift, working with silica, and AED. 

  • The Plan now also specifically allows the OSHA 30-Hour class to meet the requirement of the 10-Hour OSHA class.  

  • Participants in the Incentive cannot receive wages during training hours. 

  • Your employer may put on safety training, but they must be a qualified program.


Our training program has made changes to our Safety Training Schedule to fulfill the new Safety Incentive requirements.  4-Hour Signal Person, 1st Aid CPR and AED, Trenching & Excavation, and Forklift Safety are considered a Journeyman upgrade training. If you do not do the Journeyman upgrade training you will not get your Safety Incentive Bonus. 

Applications will be mailed on October 1st, 2020. Application and cards are due November 16th, 2020. All training needed to be completed by October 31st, 2020. 

Card Information

Please remember to keep all the cards in a safe place. It takes our staff a lot of time to replace the training cards. Please do not wait until the Safety Incentive is due to contact us for a replacement. If you do not receive a card within 30-Days, please call our office to get a replacement.  If you did not receive the cards, our Office will get a return to sender. If we do not have a return to sender, we will assume you received your card. 


It is also important to fill out the forms handed out at the training to be filled out in readable handwriting. 


Card Requirements: 

  • 10-Hour OSHA- good for three years. $25.00 for card replacement. Cards take up to 3-weeks for replacements. 

  • 3-Hour Hazcom-Must be done yearly. You must have both the OSHA and the Hazcom together. You cannot have one or the other. 

  • Forklift-Must be done yearly. 

  • 8-Hour Crane Refresher- Must be done yearly

  • 1st Aid/ CPR/AED- Must be done yearly. 


If you have further questions, please call our office at 505-877-5071. 




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